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Lawsuit Funding: Pre Settlement Loans vs. Cash Advances

Lawsuit financing is the process of obtaining lawsuit loans for plaintiffs in personal injury lawsuits. Litigation funding services typically fall into two groups: commercial and consumer. Consumer lawsuit loans, sometimes called lawsuit cash advance and settlement loans, is a heavily regulated industry which usually lends money to personal injury victims only after they have obtained settlements from their lawsuits. Commercial lawsuit loans, on the other hand, are not heavily regulated and are often provided to companies and businesses in need of financial assistance. The main difference between the two is that commercial funding companies can often demand higher interest rates in return for lending money to their customers, while plaintiffs can receive a higher amount if their lawsuits result in substantial compensation.

Like all forms of lawsuit financing, the terms and conditions of the various lawsuit loans are subject to change and can vary from case to case. Plaintiffs may be required to repay their settlement loans to the lending company after the case ends and the plaintiff is unable to continue paying off the loan. Plaintiffs are also required to pay a percentage of their past and future medical expenses as well as child support and any other ongoing expenses related to the lawsuit. Medical and child support payments that are paid during settlement proceedings are not forgiven once the case is settled. If the injured person dies or is unable to continue making payments on the loan, the lender may be forced to repay all or part of the lawsuit funding.

There are many different types of plaintiffs' legal finance companies that provide this type of financial assistance. Some of the most popular names in the industry are J.G. Wentworth, Peachtree Financial, Stone Street, and Genex Capitol. While these companies do not enjoy the reputation or track record that some of the more traditional litigation finance companies have, they do offer some of the best lawsuit funding services to plaintiffs in need.

A good way is by choosing the reputable Legal Bay Lawsuit Funding company for your lawsuit cash advance.  Many lending institutions have customer service lines and online websites that allow potential borrowers to read about their history and ask questions. If you find customer reviews on a lending website, it is probably a good idea to apply with the company there. After all, not every lending institution is perfect. A lawsuit funding company that provides excellent customer service and responds quickly to questions and complaints will likely be a good bet for you.

Once you have decided which lending institutions may be right for your lawsuit funding needs, you need to decide whether you want to take out a lawsuit loan or lawsuit funding note. Note loans are short-term cash advances that you will not be required to pay back until your settlement or verdict has been received. This option will give you instant access to cash and allow you to move forward with your life faster than if you took out a standard cash advance. On the other hand, note loans often carry very high interest rates. Learn more here at, lawsuitssettlementfunding.com for more info on lawsuit funding.

For many people, a combination of a cash advance and pre settlement loans may be the best choice. Traditional loans will require repayment after your case has been settled. Many people who are just needing extra funds for immediate living expenses can benefit from the settlement loans. These types of financing are more flexible than cash advances because they do not have to be repaid until you receive your judgment. Because there is no risk of late payment, there is also typically less strict eligibility requirements for pre settlement loans. Check out this post that has expounded on the topic: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Litigation_funding,

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